09 August 2018

Vehicle mounted computers

In most busy warehouses, the only constant is change. With inventory continuously moving from one place to another, a stream of new and updated picking instructions and a large rotational team of warehouse personnel, the efficiency of your supply chain relies on smooth operational processes. Vehicle mounted computer systems can provide a robust infrastructure for the day-to-day running of your commercial warehouses, helping your business tackle everyday challenges and move towards a futureproof way of working.

A reliable support system for your warehouse team

At the front line of your business’s warehouse management, your warehouse operatives need access to software support they can depend on. Vehicle mounted computers sit just where they’re needed, securely attached to a forklift or warehouse truck so that the driver can see and reach it easily and safely without moving both hands from the wheel. Negating the need to move from the driver’s seat to process inventory as it’s moved, a vehicle mounted computer contains all the information your team members need to work smarter, faster and more efficiently, and prevents the potential hazard of vehicles left idling.

With the ability to log and record their movements in real time just a tap of a touchscreen away, your team can achieve new levels of productivity. They can double-check picking orders without paperwork or having to rely on memory, update workflows instantly and stay in touch with each other and your business’s central data hub.

High-spec devices fit for the warehouse floor 

Of course, having a computer on hand behind the wheel of a forklift is only worthwhile if it can withstand the surroundings. Vehicle mounted computers capable of supporting your warehouses need to be tough and rugged, built to resist dust, moisture, knocks and drops, without obstructing the driver’s view or getting in the way of vehicle operation.

The best systems are designed specifically for this purpose, with impact resistance and vibration absorption that locks them in place no matter how much vehicles move. Fast and powerful computer processors keep pace with your team, while responsive wireless connectivity makes light work of continuously changing requirements. Able to withstand high and low temperatures and varying humidity, vehicle mounted computers should feature touchscreens that adapt to shifting light conditions and docking flexibility that enables the unit to be transferred from one vehicle to another with ease.

Integration that connects your warehouse to your business objectives

No warehouse is an island, and no business can afford to have poor visibility of its supply chain in action. Perhaps the most important function of vehicle mounted computers is that they enable you to observe operations as they happen, from each of your drivers up to a warehouse-wide view. In turn, this real-time warehouse data feeds into and merges with information from other areas of your business, helping to provide an up-to-the-minute picture of your company’s operational performance at a glance, and to track progress against targets and KPIs.

Scalable and reactive to change, a vehicle mounted computer system can develop alongside your company too. As commercial needs change, the latest software updates for your vehicle mounted computers can keep your warehouse team functioning at optimum proficiency in line with ever-evolving business goals. 

With our range of enterprise-ready vehicle mounted computers, you’ll find all of these capabilities and more at Touchstar. We can help you identify the right rugged solutions for your warehouse, and provide expert support to ensure your chosen devices continue to deliver what your business needs moving forward. Keen to know more? Contact us today.  


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