04 September 2018

How using rugged mobile can build confidence in your business

Your customers probably don’t spend much time thinking about what happens in your business’s warehouses, and that’s exactly the way it should be. The complexities of warehouse management happen in the background; a continuous cycle of logistical processes that ensures each order gets where it needs to be and when.

A smooth and efficient process from receipt to despatch can contradict the activity that goes on behind the scenes, but it’s this that keeps your business delivering on its objectives, your personnel achieving in their roles and your customers happy with your services.

Here’s how rugged mobile can help you inspire confidence in your business.

A communication infrastructure you can rely on

Your warehouse operatives are a team, and they can’t work to fulfil the myriad of daily tasks that create your service without being able to communicate with each other, as well as a central data hub. Rugged mobile devices and partners should offer a secure,enterprise-ready wireless infrastructure, as well as a complete implementation support service. This way, your team members can rely on optimum uptime in order to stay connected and access the information they need, in turn enabling them to exceed your customer’s expectations.

The devices themselves also operate at a level of performance your team can afford to take for granted. From handheld and truck mounted computers to tablets and barcode scanners, rugged devices can withstand vehicle vibrations, drops from height, moisture and extremes of temperature with no dip in function. With powerful processing capabilities and exceptional battery life built in, rugged mobile devices can last as long as your team needs them to, and beyond.

The power to manage the unexpected  

Problems and snags that slow the movement of goods through your warehouse will always occur, but it’s how your business deals with them that matters to your customers. Confidence and brand loyalty is built when a business is able to rectify an unexpected issue or delay swiftly and decisively.

By minimising paperwork, mapping workflows and eliminating any reliance on memory, the implementation of a rugged mobile system will help to prevent problems caused by human error from the get-go. For everything else, the system can give your operatives complete visibility of the entire supply chain in action, enabling them to zero in on any issues that may impact your warehouse and find workable solutions rapidly, often before your customers are affected.  

A support system behind your rugged mobile solution

No business stands still, and it’s likely that the way your warehouse operates will need to develop over time. A rugged mobile solution can see you through business growth and development, but only if you partner with a supplier with the experience and expertise to provide long-term support.

At Touchstar, our UK-based support services are there to ensure your rugged mobile devices continue to propel your warehouses towards ever-greater levels of efficiency and performance. Available 24/7, our specialists support your warehouse so that your business can continue to offer the highest standards of service for your customers, helping to build and sustain positive customer relationships.

And it’s not just your customers who will benefit from the increased productivity rugged mobile can enable. Having a fail-safe task management tool at their fingertips can help your team members find renewed surety in their roles, and confidence in your business. 

For both your customers and your warehouse team, faith in your business stems from an ability to rely on your operational processes. A rugged mobile warehouse system, such as the ones we expertly recommend and supply, is the best way to ensure efficient workflow at every stage of your warehouse supply chain. Contact us now to find out more.  

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