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TouchStar recognise that, for some organisations, the initial capital outlay for rugged mobile computing solutions can appear prohibitive. Contact us or call our experts on +44 (0) 161 874 5050 and they will be happy to discuss which options would work best for you.

Our initial suggestion is to focus your cost-benefit calculation on the likely anticipated pay back period, which is invariably short. If outright purchase still appears an unattractive option then we are pleased to be able to offer a lease arrangement. Leasing is an attractive option for the following reasons:


All the lease rental repayments can be offset against the taxable profits of your business. 100% tax efficient.


The lease can be upgraded which allows you to add additional equipment onto the lease. This helps if you want to add on new equipment modules or perhaps new software releases.


Companies often have two types of budgets. Capital budgets for capital purchases and revenue budgets for ongoing costs. Leasing the solution falls under the revenue budget which is often the easier budget to use.


The repayments will remain consistent and are not linked to base interest rates or the stock market. This means you know where you stand with your repayments and you can budget accordingly.


The lease rental is deposit free and can be placed within 24hrs (Subject to Status). It is a proven solution for technology based purchases.

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