12 July 2018

Waste management industry

Designed to withstand the unpredictability of demanding outdoor working environments, rugged mobile solutions are ideal for the waste management industry. Yet, rugged mobile systems have benefits for waste management that extend far beyond simple suitability; the right hardware can help to optimise operational performance and efficiency, cut costs and provide invaluable business insight.

The right tools for the job

Dirt, dust, knocks and drops from height, not to mention exposure to the elements – waste management in the field is no place for the average mobile device. With waterproof, shock-tested outer casings, the ability to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity, excellent battery life and high-powered audio that can be heard clearly even in noisy environments, rugged mobile enables waste management teams to rely on enterprise-ready technology wherever they are. That’s not to say these devices are unwieldy or awkward to use; many rugged mobile solutions are built with a robustness that belies their ergonomic design.

Rugged mobile computers, hand held terminals and tablets and truck-mounted systems allow your teams to stay continually connected to a business network, giving them a convenient and dependable method through which to record progress. While a simple interface facilitates quick and easy use for your teams on the move, real-time field service data, such as vehicle location and progress on schedule, can be fed back to a central hub and integrated with other applications.

At the front line of waste management

With data-driven workflows accessible at the tap of a reinforced yet responsive touchscreen, rugged mobile solutions can boost the operational efficiency of your front line teams no end. Tough truck-mounted tablets unlock for mobile work yet won’t budge when locked in place, however rough the ride. 

Staying in touch with your teams is easy thanks to secure 3G or 4G connectivity. Instantly send through live progress and route updates to ensure unexpected hitches don’t slow things down, and receive status reports, schedule change requests, hi-res imagery and data capture as it happens. Your business achieves optimum productivity levels where it matters most, keeping mileage, vehicle maintenance and personnel costs down.

Daily working reports also ensure your waste management company builds up a data trail that verifies local and national legal compliance, which can be instantly accessed via the central system.

A new level of actionable business data

As each cycle your waste management team makes is logged and recorded through their rugged mobile devices, an invaluable business picture emerges. Bottlenecks and pressure points can be identified, workflows refined and ideas for improved operational processes trialled, continually driving your business towards more effective and economical performance.

Our comprehensive range of rugged mobile solutions is well-suited to the unique needs of the waste management industry. With devices from leading brands, independent advice, and an expert consultative service, we can help you find the best rugged mobile hardware for your business. Our specialist teams can also assist with implementation, configuration and training, while our ongoing UK-based customer support service ensures you can always get the best from your rugged mobile solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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