10 October 2023

Navigating the Rugged Mobile Terrain

Rugged mobile devices aren’t your average smartphone or tablet, also referred to as “Rugged Mobile Computers”, they are built for battle, ready to withstand the most demanding of environments. If you have already embarked on the rugged technology journey, then you’ll be aware that not all rugged devices are created equal.  

An Introduction to Rugged Technology

In this blog we will discuss the differences between the various types of rugged mobile device and give our expert consultation on which device is best suited to specific tasks.

Rugged Handheld Devices

The TouchStar range of rugged handheld devices has been designed to withstand harsh environments including drops, vibrations, extreme temperatures, dust, and water. With tough touchscreens and high impact shock absorbers, these ergonomically designed handhelds are ideal for maintaining connectivity in the most extreme conditions. Featuring long-lasting batteries, these rugged handhelds reduce downtime, ensuring workers are always connected and productive. They can even be used with a gloved hand, making them a warehouse worker’s best ally that can handle the rough and tumble of a busy warehouse.  

Rugged PDA Devices

The TouchStar range of rugged handheld computers also includes rugged PDA’s. Lighter than the typical rugged handheld device, these specialist handsets are designed to outperform smartphones. They are waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof and tumble-proof and more commonly found in less rugged warehouse environments.  

Rugged Truck Mounted Computers

Rugged truck mounted computers are designed to fix securely within any truck-based operation, from forklifts to reach trucks and other counterbalance operations. Their durable design can withstand the constant vibrations, potential impacts, and dusty conditions found in the average warehouse environment. Other features include one-handed docking and undocking, large touchscreens, easy-to-use interfaces, and fast processors. Even in gloved hands, data capture is easy, plus integration with multiple scan options means that drivers can work safely from inside the truck. With this functionality, operators can quickly input or retrieve data making usage more efficient and reducing errors.  

Rugged Wearable Computers

Designed for workers on-the-move, rugged wearable computers keep hands free while providing instant access to essential data. Whether it's wrist-mounted terminals for quick data entry or ring scanners for efficient data capture, these rugged mobile computers streamline tasks such as picking, scanning, and inventory checks. Built to endure warehouse conditions, rugged wearables resist dust, moisture, and the inevitable bumps and knocks. By reducing the need to handle handheld devices, they cut down on interruptions, allowing workers to crack on with their tasks.  

Rugged In Vehicle Computers

Designed to be secured within HGV trucks, vans, forklift trucks and fleet vehicles, rugged in-vehicle computers offer drivers real-time data collection, high speed processing and fast communications. These robustly built rugged mobile devices can withstand on-the-road vibrations, temperature fluctuations, potential spills, and even being dropped on concrete! These rugged powerhouses deliver consistent performance in the most challenging conditions, providing fast processing capabilities with a number of wireless connection options including Wi-Fi/Cellular, Bluetooth and GPS. Their intuitive interfaces facilitate quick data access and updates, crucial for delivery schedules and inventory management. Robust and rugged from the inside out, these vehicle mount devices are perfect for workers on the move.  

Rugged ATEX Computers

For industries operating in hazardous environments, it is essential that all equipment complies with legal safety standards. TouchStar’s ATEX certified mobile computers are designed to meet stringent European Directives and are certified safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as those found in oil refineries, gas plants, or chemical factories. Their robust construction prevents the risk of igniting flammable gases, dust, or vapours, ensuring both worker and equipment safety. TouchStar’s rugged ATEX Certified mobile computers are built to last and can withstand harsh conditions in industries where precision, reliability, and safety is vital.  

Expert Advice and Support for Your Rugged Technology Needs

Each of our rugged mobile computers has its own strengths, features, and applications. Whatever the use case we have a rugged device that's tailor-made for you. Come and speak with the TouchStar team, between us we have decades of experience and expertise. We will work with you to understand your businesses needs and operational environment to pinpoint the right rugged mobile computer for the task. Plus, with our demo unit offer, you can try before you buy and have confidence that your chosen rugged device is suitable for the task and integrates seamlessly with your core business systems.   Whether your workers are on the frontline of logistics, traversing outdoor terrains, or in potentially explosive environments, we have the right rugged mobile device to ensure your worker safety and productivity. Contact the TouchStar team and let us steer you towards the rugged technology that can increase your company’s efficiency and boost your bottom line.  

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