02 March 2020

When it comes to business, every investment made must prove its value. However, as a company develops, it is inevitable that some resources will become less useful and fit for purpose, and others will take their place.

Budget control is key, so continuing to pay for something that no longer meets your business’s needs is nothing but a waste of money.

It makes sense to continuously review the assets your business invests in, so should this include rugged mobile computers? Could standard mobile devices be a more cost-effective option moving forward?

Here’s why we believe a commitment to rugged mobile devices is worth every penny.

Low total cost of ownership

With their high-performance durability and robust versatility, rugged computers are more expensive as an initial outlay than their non-rugged counterparts. Equipping your warehouse(s), manufacturing or field service operation with a full set of rugged handhelds, rugged truck mounts and in-vehicle devices will come in at a higher cost, but it’s over time that their true value becomes clear.

In the long run, rugged computers have a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than standard devices, thanks to their ability to withstand demanding working environments, and rarely needing maintenance or replacement. Minimal downtime means maximum productivity, so don’t be tempted to opt for standard devices susceptible to shocks, drops, vibration, extreme temperatures, moisture and dirt.


Your team often have to multitask, so their devices should be capable of the same. What they need is a way to capture a wide range of operational data without switching device or being held up by stalling hardware, from images to keyboard entry, to 1D and 2D barcodes.

With superior processing power and battery life (or hot swappable batteries), a rugged mobile computer can assist them with all of these tasks and more, and run them concurrently without slowing down or freezing under the strain.

Customisation and specialist support

Of course, it’s not just the hardware itself that’s non-standard when it comes to rugged mobile technology – the software they run is also designed specifically to meet the unique needs of industrial businesses. A logistics optimisation system such as the ones supported by Touchstar have been created with a set of demanding sectors in mind – from warehousing to waste management and manufacturing – they includes supply chain-specific mobile applications and features that streamline and speed up end-to-end processes.

Furthermore , we can pre-configure the rugged mobile computers we supply, oversee their deployment and even provide on-site training to ensure your team can hit the ground running. This level of service isn’t  reserved solely for new customers either; our ongoing customer support scheme covers on-site troubleshooting, a 24/7 UK-based helpdesk and replacement devices set up with your software and settings in the rare event of a problem. Standard devices and their associated software systems simply cannot offer the same.

A tech investment no industrial business should be without

Whether or not your business has already capitalised on the benefits of rugged computers, there’s no reason to limit what you can achieve by opting for standard devices. Explore our range of rugged mobile devices or get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can help you.               


Peter joined TouchStar (formally Belgravium) in a sales manager role in 2001.  Prior to joining the company, Peter held Partner and National Sales Manager roles within the parcel and logistics industries.  

In 2011 Peter was promoted to Sales Director and is now actively involved in promoting the value of TouchStar’s Rugged Mobile Computing solutions to the warehouse, logistics, manufacturing and field service industries. When not involved in the business, Peter is a keen and enthusiastic football and cricket fan.

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