04 July 2022

Rugged devices are the ideal technological solution for any business operating in a warehouse, manufacturing plant, cold storage, or other hazardous settings. Due to their durability and high-end features, they make the ideal companion for any workers who experience harsh environments on a daily basis.

Handheld rugged devices are no different and have been designed to keep your staff and back-office connected, even in the most extreme conditions. With hardened touchscreens, shock absorbers and multiple data collection methods, handhelds are a great option for many businesses.  


Business connectivity has never been more important than in the age of technology. The passing of real-time information and data between devices, staff, locations and businesses as a whole can help the success and profitability of a company.

Rugged handheld devices offer a range of connectivity options to ensure your staff are always in the know, receiving the most up-to-date, real-time data, directly to their devices. Without this constant connectivity, the lack of information could cause work to pause or stop completely. Whether your staff are in the field or on the warehouse floor, having a rugged handheld with continuous connectivity will significantly reduce downtime and ensure your operations are more productive and cost-effective.  


To make them work for your business, rugged handhelds are flexible and can be tailored to fit your business’ needs. Now running using an Android Operating System, the handheld’s software capabilities can be adapted to include any service needed by a business so operations don’t need to fit within set parameters. This flexibility applies to both the interface and device capabilities so every business can have a solution which works for them.

Another benefit to using a rugged handheld device is its size. They have been specifically manufactured to be small and manoeuvrable so your staff can easily carry them around and use them in a range of scenarios.  


Using rugged handheld devices within your business operations means work is not only completed quicker but also more consistently and with a higher level of accuracy. Moving away from pen and paper to a device will ensure that information is correctly gathered and shared with internal systems automatically.

This higher level of accuracy can also ensure a better level of customer satisfaction  – the more accurate the data collection, the more likely is it to be correct, and the more likely it will be delivered to the customer as promised. If stock levels or other information is incorrectly gathered and a product or service can’t be delivered, the customer is unlikely to be happy.  


Rugged handhelds are excellent devices to use within harsh environments due to their durability. They’ve been specially designed to withstand the toughest situations and exposure to potentially damaging elements such as heat, cold, water, wind, dirt and dust. Rugged devices are also designed to withstand drops from a height, making them extremely reliable. To prove this, they go through a series of tests to ensure its suitability for harsh environments.

In comparison, consumer-grade handheld devices that don’t go through such testing are unlikely to be able to withstand the same level of use in warehouses, manufacturing, cold storage or in the field. Therefore, although they may appear to be a more cost-effective solution initially, the cost of downtime when the device fails, or constant replacement of consumer handhelds once they’ve been dropped, make a rugged handheld a much more durable and reliable option for businesses.    

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Rugged handhelds are an extremely useful device for businesses to invest in and use in harsh and hazardous environments due to their connectivity, accuracy, flexibility and durability.

Here at TouchStar, we offer a great range of handheld devices which can be integrated into your current operations such as the TS8200 and TS5000. If you’re unsure about how such devices would fit in with your business, get in touch with our team today and they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have.

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