31 March 2022

When there are many rugged device suppliers on the market, it can be hard to know who to trust and partner with. With technology continuously advancing, the choice isn’t getting any easier. That’s why, here at TouchStar Rugged Mobile Computers, we make the choice simple.

With over 40 years of experience, we work hard to build lasting and meaningful relationships with end-users, software houses and system integrators to ensure we can offer the best products and services to meet their needs. We work across many sectors including logistics, warehouses, manufacturing and cold storage, providing tailored solutions through our end-to-end management service. So when you’re looking to partner with a rugged solution provider, consider TouchStar.  

Customer service  

Our UK-based mobile engineering team is dedicated to ensuring quality repairs and efficient support including:

  • 24/7 UK Based Support Helpdesk.
  • E-Portal Online Booking System for fast online support.
  • Rapid Response Call Out from our team of qualified mobile engineers.
  • Advance Exchange Swap-out options.

Plus, after our initial support and consultations, we’re proud to offer our customers ongoing support, tailored to each industry and environment. This includes a ‘hot swap’ service so if based in the UK and a device fails, our customers will receive another device pre-configured with the customer’s settings and software so it’s ready to use straight away.  

Expertise & knowledge  

Over the past 40 years, we have been gathering a bank of knowledge and experience that help us to assist our customers. Not only do we understand how our customers operate in different industries, but we also understand the challenges they face. We’re able to share this experience with others facing similar issues. We, therefore, tailor each solution to the problem, ensuring we help our customers in the best way we can and going the extra mile to ensure the issue is resolved. We listen to your needs and expectations and help you to deploy mobile computing solutions.

This knowledge also allows us at TouchStar to offer consultative services, helping our customers choose the right hardware, including how to configure and deploy the devices. We do this through initial consultations, in-person where possible, so we can better understand your business and site. This informs our recommendations to suit your environment and fit the business' ongoing strategy.  

Continuously up to date offering  

Here at TouchStar, we’re pleased to offer our customers the best rugged devices. As we’re totally independent, we offer the best products from industry-leading manufacturers by only focussing on the needs and challenges that our customers are facing. This includes ensuring all devices are up to date, to ensure they continue to enhance a business’ operations.

All Rugged Computers are designed based on the latest technologies and operating systems (OS) to ensure they continue to add value. This includes ongoing support to update software and offer a smooth transition if the rugged device hardware starts to fail.  

UK-based manufacturer  

Not only are our support and engineering teams based in the UK, so is our design, development and manufacturing processes. Manufactured in the UK, our rugged mobile computers are created to be robust and competitively priced to rival any of our competitors. Being UK-based gives us a number of benefits including:

  • Limited disruption in servicing UK customers in turbulent times such as during COVID-19 and Brexit
  • Our customers know they’ll receive a high-quality product which has been manufactured in line with UK standards
  • A low carbon footprint compared to those businesses that manufacture outside the UK and import into the country
  • Supporting the UK economy and boosting employment.  

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