25 February 2019

Wrist wearable mobile computer

Increasing productivity, accuracy and ensuring the smooth-running of processes, wearable mobile computers are dramatically streamlining operations across the entire warehousing, manufacturing and production industries.

Also referred to as wearable terminals, wearable mobile computers offer a robust, hands-free tech solution which enables warehouse workers the freedom to focus on the job in-hand.

What are wearable mobile computers?

Wearable mobile computers are designed for workers in the warehousing and logistics industries. Their purpose is to help with the effective streamlining of operations, whilst simultaneously reducing human error.

Wearable mobile computers ensure the delivery of more effective, error-proof processes, making operations slicker, smoother and more efficient.

Easily worn on the wrist or work belt, wearable terminals free up workers to be able to carry out required tasks hands-free and focus on the job clear of any obstructions. Mobile computers help to increase productivity levels together with improving efficiency and accuracy.

Available in varying styles, wearable mobile computers include a host of functional elements including ring scanners, touchscreen keypads and voice activation features.

What are the benefits of wearable mobile computers?

Wearable mobile computers boast a host of benefits which contribute to the smooth, safe and efficient running of operations within the warehousing sector:  


Providing a lightweight, yet highly durable solution, wearable terminals have been designed and built to withstand tough environments, extreme temperature drops and humid and dust-filled surroundings. This ensures that no matter what environment workers are faced with, they can successfully carry out important tasks with help from reliable devices.

Lightweight solutions

Small and sleek, wearable mobile computers, such as the Zebra wearable terminal or the Honeywell Dolphin 75e, offer a comfortable and unobstructive solution without preventing workers from fully immersing themselves in their tasks.

Multi-purpose devices

Wearable computers enable the storing and collection of data, allowing multiple tasks to be carried out at once. This could include multiple barcode scanning, collection of digital signatures and annotations on images. This function makes wearable computers a single device to solve multiple solutions, increasing efficiency, improving management and improving customer service.    

Depending on the device selected, a worker is able to input data through multiple methods, such as speech, touch, using a stylus implement and through a keypad.

Increased productivity

Wearable terminals allow operators to work hands-free, enabling them to carry out tasks more efficiently, whether that’s handling materials, picking, loading packing items or undertaking any other duties. This leads to streamlined workflows, increased productivity and efficiency improvements.

Accuracy improvements

Overall operations of a business can benefit hugely from the improved accuracy that’s delivered with wearable mobile computers.

The devices enable time-efficient data capture, accurate scanning alongside a real-time wireless connection, which reduces human error and improves accuracy across all business operations.

What jobs are wearable computers useful for?

Wearable terminals offer a reliable and efficient hands-free tech solution suitable for a whole host of sectors, including:

  • Warehouse management ·        
  • Transportation and logistics ·        
  • Retail industry ·        
  • Manufacturing

Wearable mobile computers offer an effective solution for fast and efficient barcode scanning, as well as a reliable solution for busy retail backrooms which are often demanding and activity-filled.

Transform your operations today  

Transform and streamline your operations today with TouchStar. We’re proud to deliver reliable and robust state of the art technology that transforms operations across numerous industries. To find out more about our range of wearable mobile computers and how they can help you, get in touch today.



Peter joined TouchStar (formally Belgravium) in a sales manager role in 2001.  Prior to joining the company, Peter held Partner and National Sales Manager roles within the parcel and logistics industries.  

In 2011 Peter was promoted to Sales Director and is now actively involved in promoting the value of TouchStar’s Rugged Mobile Computing solutions to the warehouse, logistics, manufacturing and field service industries. When not involved in the business, Peter is a keen and enthusiastic football and cricket fan.

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