30 April 2021

With the unpredicted onset of the global pandemic, businesses have been forced to counteract drastic drops in turnover by implementing vital operational efficiencies. Among them is looking at how to streamline operations, preserve cash flow and retain customers.

The technology that is invested in by businesses is of paramount importance to the success of its entire operation, and it is vital that organisations always have access to the very latest functionality while keeping a close eye on their bottom line.

We explore the operational benefits of rugged devices, their lifecycle, the benefits of regular software development and how return on investment (ROI) could be achieved for businesses battling post covid-19 recovery.

Rugged devices: Operational benefits

Investing in a rugged device will not only deliver a fast ROI, but you will witness immediate efficiency and performance benefits within your operation.

All devices are preconfigured for immediate deployment across your business, meaning you will instantly reap its benefits, enjoy reduced downtime, making your operation immediately more productive and cost-effective.

As well as the above, the following operational benefits could see you secure stakeholder buy in for rugged devices within your operation:

  • Highly durable: The robust nature of TouchStar’s range of rugged mobile devices means they are made to withstand temperature extremes of heat, humidity, moisture, shock, vibration and impact, without compromising on performance in even the most demanding of environments. These factors significantly reduce maintenance costs.
  • Stay connected: Rugged devices enable the workforce to always stay connected, reducing downtime and increasing efficiencies across your operation. Connectivity ensures rugged devices are optimised for numerous environments and applications.
  • Real-time data: Gone are the days of paper-based tracking, with instant visibility of tasks taking place in real-time across the organisation. This boosts performance and facilitates more streamlined operations.
  • Versatility: Every operation is different and has varying requirements, and it is imperative that its rugged device is suited to the demands and needs of each. Touchstar rugged devices offer a solution across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, warehousing, hazardous environments, port logistics and cold storage.  
  • Ease of use: When investing in rugged devices, it is imperative that the hardware and integrated software is easy to use among teams. From touchscreen keypads for ease of use to wearable rugged devices to boost productivity, our devices are designed with usability in mind.      

The lifecycle of a rugged device

Before any organisation makes the decision to invest in key technology, the expected lifecycle of the devices should be taken into consideration.

At TouchStar, whether you choose rugged handhelds, truck mounts, in-vehicle mounted computers or wearables, you can expect your device to last.

Boasting an average lifecycle of five years, you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment that will help to improve operations, boost productivity and have a positive impact on your bottom line.


When it comes to rugged device assistance, TouchStar will support our recently launched models until 2030 as a minimum guaranteed. This also includes on-site problem solving during the life of the system as part of standard support. So, when you invest in a TouchStar rugged device, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are utilising them to their full potential, enjoying their long lifespan and receiving support to maximise your investment.

Find out more information on TouchStar’s rugged device support offering here.

Software developments and updates

If you are investing in a rugged device, you want the peace of mind that you are receiving the very latest software developments.

Each rugged device is not only supplied with sophisticated application software for a wide variety of warehouse and supply chain operations, but continuous software development and updates ensure your business is always benefiting from the very latest functionality.

Regular software developments and updates mean there is no need for time, money and manpower to be spent on training your workforce on new devices.

Devices, such as our TS3200, TS8200 and TS7200 all operate on Android and boast its many benefits. Countless users enjoy the benefits of the latest Android devices. With most applications now written for Android, users can enjoy the latest system technology and updates to help support system upgrades and processes. 

From reduced failure rates, a longer life cycle and lower total cost of ownership, a rugged device is a sound investment. Boasting instant benefits, investing in a rugged device is set to elevate your operation to the next level as we continue to recover from the aftermath of COVID-19.

Transform your operations today

  Whichever rugged device is more suited to your operation, you will not be disappointed. Why not take advantage of the improvements rugged mobile devices could bring to your business operations today?

To find out more about our rugged mobile solutions and how they can benefit your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.   



Peter joined TouchStar (formally Belgravium) in a sales manager role in 2001.  Prior to joining the company, Peter held Partner and National Sales Manager roles within the parcel and logistics industries. 

In 2011 Peter was promoted to Sales Director and is now actively involved in promoting the value of TouchStar’s Rugged Mobile Computing solutions to the warehouse, logistics, manufacturing and field service industries. When not involved in the business, Peter is a keen and enthusiastic football and cricket fan.

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